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What is an Akashic Reading? My Experience…

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Although I was very familiar with psychic readings and such, I had never heard of an ‘Akashic Reading’ before last week. When I saw a special listed on Facebook for one by Akashic Journey, it caught my eye because it spoke about offering a ‘soul path reading.’

If you are anything like me you question what you are really here for, what your purpose is, and what path your soul has come here to travel. You always hear to ‘do what you love and the rest will follow.’  I’ve done that to an extent, but it seemed like slow going some of the time.  I really questioned what my purpose was because I felt kind of stuck, like there were blocks there and I just couldn’t see the whole picture.  This made me question my life’s purpose and whether my gut feelings were wrong.  So when this opportunity arose to find out about my soul purpose with an akashic reading, I felt a pull to do it.

I had heard the term ‘Akashic Records’ before but if you have not, basically they are where all information about everyone is stored.  So anything you’ve learned, experienced, and done in every lifetime you’ve had.  I’ve heard it described as a crystal cave with each crystal containing this imprint, some use a library as an analogy, and you could even think of it like the sacred tree of life from the movie Avatar. Any way you picture it, it is basically all that ever was and will be contained in that one place.  if you would like more detailed information, here is a good explanation.   crystal

Although I knew a little about these records, I had no idea that someone could access them and share that information with us.  It seemed very interesting so I made an appointment and here is what my experience was like.

After going over some basic information on what I was looking for, and a prayer, Karen Adams (the akashic reader) entered the akashic records and asked my questions.  Not long after the session began if felt like she had flipped a light switch on and everything in my life became so clear. The answers she came back with were right on the money.

During the session the areas we covered were –

1-My soul purpose and how that related to my careerwhich she confirmed what I thought it was in the records. (She didn’t know what I did or thought my purpose was specifically before sharing what the records said.) I knew the information was pure because she knew just how I felt inside and what drove me. This really validated my feelings about what I wanted to do.  I guess for some this area could be surprising if you really aren’t sure what you want to do.  I was pretty clear; I just wasn’t sure how to go about it and why I felt like it should be easier if it was the right path for me.  (Which brings me to the second and probably the most unexpected part of the session when we talked about…)

2-What was blocking my money, health, and moving forward with my purpose?  I was actually quite shocked with the answer when I asked, “If this is my life purpose then why am I not making more money or finding more success?”  After going into the records for a minute or so and asking, Karen spoke to me about a situation that she couldn’t have any prior knowledge of.

There was something I was holding onto that caused me pain, confusion, and regret that was blocking the abundance and fulfillment that I was craving. The way she explained it (so that I could let go of the emotions surrounding the situation) helped me to see that I had not let go of feeling like I messed up and that I could have possibly done something differently.

She reminded me that that we all sit around a table before coming here and make agreements to help each other learn lessons while we are here.  She also was told to remind me that each of us chooses the people and lessons in our lives, so neither party is a victim.

This allowed me to feel comfortable with the fact that in my situation I gave it my all and that I needed to let go of the rest.  She even explained that by not letting go, I was possibly impeding them from moving forward as well.  I found it so interesting that something that I thought was completely unrelated to the areas I was confused about was really hampering my success.  This was so incredibly eye-opening and freeing.

recordsNext we spoke about…


3-Specific ways I could approach my career so I would be doing what I loved and living my soul’s purpose.

This was great because it felt like my eyes were opened to so many possibilities.  I really liked the approach that she used because I wasn’t being told what I needed to do but more offered examples of all of the possibilities that were there for my choosing.  It felt like I was being placed in a big 3D game of life and all that I had to do was have fun and do the next thing and I could choose so many great and rewarding avenues.  It didn’t feel like I had to follow one path but that any of the possible ways would lead to where I was going.

She also told me that many times the records would communicate that they didn’t want to give specifics, just options, because part of the fun of living is to experience and realize just what great fun there is to be had and they don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Kind of like someone telling you what is wrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning before you can open it–it ruins the fun of unwrapping the gift and the joy you feel when you are thrilled with your present.

Lastly, I was impressed with…

4-The specific information she offered on clearing the blocks that were impeding my moving forward.

Karen offered so much follow-up information on how to usher in what I was wanting.  She was nearing the end of the session and she began speaking more quickly so that she could make sure to get me all of the information she was pushed to give.  Offering exercises, books, CD’s and other tools to help with moving forward, I was thrilled to be given concrete tools not just sweeping generalizations on ways to help me with letting go of the obstacles stopping me from enjoying my journey.  (And they were not things that she was selling, so they felt genuine.)

I was so impressed with Karen’s approach to her job as an akashic reader.  You can tell she loves it and it was evident that she truly cared and wanted to help me find the answers I was seeking.  I also felt like the session was really clear as if she stepped aside from her own human viewpoints to deliver information to me as it was intended.  I left the session with a renewed excitement about my life’s purpose.

Within two days I received a written overview of our discussion that even included a few additional details.  It was nice to review everything we talked about after having mulled it over.

The curious little girl in me would love to ‘see’ and experience what it looks like or feels like inside the akashic records.  It’s fascinating to me that people can go in and share the information to help us see more clearly.

This made me realize that we are all here to share our talents to support one another in our journeys.

Even if you’ve never heard of the akashic records or think that it sounds strange don’t be afraid of this type of reading–it really helped me to feel confident about trusting my own gut feelings and gave me a ton of inspiration and tools to help me on my soul path.

If you have had one or happen to get one–I’d love to hear about your experience!

All my best with yours,


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If you are interested in having an Akashic Reading with Karen Adams you can find her at or here on Facebook.karen adams


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